Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull knows there is more potential in the RB11 than has been shown so far in F1 2015.

Ricciardo has managed to score points in all three of the opening races, but as yet has still to crack the top-five, let alone get near a podium.

"It sounded pretty good, finishing the first three in the points - but obviously we hoped for more at this stage," Ricciardo said on Thursday ahead of this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix. "Look, we are trying to do what we can and there is progress being made, but obviously we are wanting more each race and I think we all expected a bit more from China.

"I thought the weekend was going to be better for us, especially after Friday. I thought we had made real good progress, but it didn't turn out that way and here we are a week later.

"Obviously updates wise there is not much that can happen in a week. But from myself and from the team, we know there is more potential in what we have got for now and I think we can definitely try and grab that this weekend."

Asked if it is just a case of fine-tuning the set-up to make the car a bit more to his liking, Ricciardo replied: "I think so. I mean, there's definitely, I believe, within the car, there's more to be unlocked, so to speak.

"In terms of setup, I don't think myself or Dany [Kvyat] have really found a balance or setting that we're really comfortable with. I think China took a step forward, we did start to feel more comfortable but it still obviously didn't give us a big chunk of lap time that we thought was still in there.

"So, there's still a few balance things. If we keep ironing them out we will find... I don't think it's a second but we are going to find a fair few tenths that will put us in that group with Williams and hopefully get us onto the back of the Ferraris.

"We had a good race here last year [too] and I think we had good pace. Again just optimistic for a better weekend here. Everyone's ready to go, and obviously after my start last week I'm hanging out to get back on the grid and redeem myself."

Meanwhile, Ricciardo confirmed that his poor start in China was his own fault.

"Obviously it was not ideal what happened in China and after looking through everything, it was my mistake in the end," he clarified.

"That is something I won't let happen again. The important thing is I am aware of what happened and how it happened and we move on from there."



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