Max Verstappen says he getting more and more confident in his Toro Rosso and that was why he decided to take a few more risks last time out.

The Dutch teenager looked set to score more points in China after pulling off three impressive passing moves that his more experienced rivals appeared unwilling to emulate. However, a few laps from the finish he was halted by an engine problem putting pay to a potential second top-ten finish in a row.

Speaking ahead of this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix and asked if he felt his performance in Shanghai had "put him on the Formula 1 map", he replied: "Well, first of all, I was really enjoying my race. We didn't have a great qualifying, but still I was very confident that we could do a good race because I think the car and it's race pace is really strong, especially high speed.

"I had some good overtakes, I was really enjoying that. It's also every race I'm getting more and more confident in the car. Especially in the first two races you don't want to take too many risks and I decided in China it was time to do some overtakes and take some more risks."

Meanwhile, Verstappen conceded the issues Renault is having with its powerplant is far from ideal.

"Yeah, for sure it's very short notice for us after China, where we had the engine issues. But we will try to do our best to deliver a good race and try to score points, because I think at the moment the car is capable of it. I'm feeling much better every race in the car.

"So I'm really looking forward to this race You always try to do your best on every track and that's how we are going to continue," he concluded.


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