Christian Horner has praised Daniel Ricciardo for retaining his 'attitude and demeanour' in the wake of Red Bull's slump in form during the opening rounds of the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship season.

A standout of the 2014 season after scoring three race wins in his first season with Red Bull Racing, Ricciardo's fortunes in 2015 have dipped as the team struggles with an underperforming car.

Indeed, though he has scored in each race so far, Ricciardo's best result from the opening four rounds has been a sixth place, placing him seventh in the standings, while Red Bull is already 38 points behind the fight for the top three in the constructors' reckoning.

Despite this, Horner has noted no change in Ricciardo's famously upbeat attitude, adding that he is personally helping to spur the team on through the difficult patch.

"[He is] No different at all," Horner said. "His attitude, his approach, his personality, his demeanour is exactly the same. That is great for the guys around him as well, he is not letting his head drop or throwing a moody there is none of that. I am very impressed with how he has dealt with it."

After getting both cars into the points in Bahrain, Horner says he is pleased with the progress Red Bull is making, but again emphasised that the limitations of the Renault engine means it is running in a 'compromised state'

"We are definitely making progress with the car," he said. "This was probably our most competitive weekend. The problem is we are running the car in such a compromised state that we are not in an optimum window with the car.

"Our top speeds are down, then you end up trimming wing out to try and get somewhere sensible, then that hampers things like tyre warm-up and downforce. We are not in a window with the car where we want to be, but made quite significant progress."

Following a spectacular engine blow-out just as he crossed the finish line, Ricciardo will be onto his fourth and final engine by round five in Spain.



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