Felipe Massa says he would like to get more from the Mercedes power unit going forward in an attempt to counteract the challenge of Ferrari.

Williams, as with most teams, will bring a series of updates for the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix - the first race of the 2015 F1 European leg -, with Massa urging the team to work on bringing more downforce to the FW37.

However, he says he would also like to get more developments from the power unit in the wake of Ferrari's very notable gains in this area, even if he isn't convinced he will get what he wants.

"More downforce, maybe some pushing on the engine and the power unit," the Brazilian said. "The biggest improvement from Ferrari is there so if we can improve a little bit more there, we can improve. We will have the same engine for the next race, so I don't think it will change.

However, Massa insists Ferrari's surprising upturn in form hasn't changed the way it is approaching development of the car.

"We always ask [for improvements], not because Ferrari is in front or behind us that it changes the way you work. We are always trying to give all the right information about everything, but we have our plans for improving the car. For Barcelona we should have other things, but so will the other teams."



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