Williams' Rob Smedley says the team is now working to 'tune' its car following the substantial strides it has made over the last year.

Firmly established as the third quickest team in F1 at this time, a huge turnaround from 2013 when it finished a lowly ninth in the constructors' standings, Williams' return to the front has been rapid since the change in regulations.

However, having made notable steps forward over the course of 2014, Smedley admits there is less 'low hanging fruit' for the team to capitalise on to make another significant step, but insists the working practices and structure is better than ever.

"It is different, but I don't think it is harder [to make gains]," he said. "If you look at the team this year, we have come out of the box with the third quickest car and we keep chipping away at that position. We get the maximum points that we can and that is a really important element.

"You are now into diminishing returns. I would say operationally that we have hit all the big areas that we can and it is all about tuning it. We have a slightly different structure in terms of engineering, mechanics, technicians and that now is a really stable structure with good, high quality people.

"The way we go racing and we approach racing is an entirely different mind-set to 12 months ago, so the main fundamentals are in place now when they weren't 12 months ago.

"It is now about going into the finer details and picking it out. There is still some low hanging fruit, but it is definitely diminishing."


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