Christian Horner says Red Bull is so far behind in terms of engine reliability and performance that not only is it willing to write-off the 2015 season after just five races, but has urged Renault to 'use 20 engines' if it means an improvement for 2016.

The Red Bull team manager has been forthright in his criticism of power unit partners Renault so far in 2015, with the engine proving both down on power and unreliable compared with its key Mercedes and Ferrari rivals.

Though both Red Bull and Toro Rosso managed to get all of its cars to the chequered flag, they were left noticeably vulnerable in a straight line once the race was underway, with Daniel Ricciardo finishing as the lead representative in seventh, albeit a lap down.

As such, Horner is already looking towards the future, saying it has gotten to a point where it would encourage Renault to push the boundaries of its engines and risk failure than to continue as it is.

"We are so far on the back foot with reliability anyway that, to be honest, this year is pretty much a write-off," he said. "You just have to go for it, even if they end up using 20 engines, it would be better to learn and make progress for next year. It would be far easier to make a fast engine reliable than to make a reliable car fast, so our philosophy has been to push performance.

Despite strong words angled towards Renault since the start of the season, Red Bull and the French firm have put on a united front in recent races as they strive to make gains. However, Horner says Renault now has nothing to lose but to 'throw caution to the wind'.

"We got lapped today," he continued. "Therefore, it is better to focus on getting performance because we are on the back foot anyway, we have nothing to lose by throwing caution to the wind. We are not in F1 to make up numbers, we want to compete at the front and if that means taking risks, that is our philosophy and that is what we encourage Renault to do as well."


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