Honda motorsport manager Yasuhisa Arai says his team is identifying key areas for improvement as a means of determining how and where to spend its available 'engine tokens'.

As a consequence of entering the fray as an engine supplier to McLaren in 2015, Honda was originally exempt from being granted tokens to use when the FIA allowed an 'engine unfreeze' for limited updates.

However, a compromise of being allowed some tokens determined by what was left by Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault was eventually permitted, leaving Honda with nine tokens it can use this year.

As it stands, Arai suggests it hasn't spent any tokens as yet and is still determining which areas it will use them.

"We don't have the complete plan to use the tokens, which areas to use them," he said. "We already prepared or confirmed which areas are the most effective. I know we make the plan to apply race-by-race how many tokens we spend, we are making the plan right now.

"One is combustion, and the MGU-K and MGU-H because energy is a very important part. Combustion and energy recovery systems are very important."

Indeed, Arai says the big key for development is horsepower, but insists Honda is looking into how it can improve this area.

"We need more horsepower. Maybe change the combustion concept, or the turbocharger, or the camshaft, those kind of parts. We are now confirming which parts are most effective.

"We should try to change the combustion concept because maybe the other power-unit suppliers always think about more good combustion characteristics."

McLaren-Honda is yet to score a point so far in 2015, while Jenson Button made headlines in the Spanish Grand Prix by labelling his car as 'scary to drive'.



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