Fernando Alonso says it has been a decade since he last felt he was physically and mentally challenged to the limit in an F1 car, adding that the sport could well have been heading in the wrong direction since then.

The two-time world champion is reflecting on the proposals put forward following last week's Strategy Group meeting, including making the cars five or six seconds faster a lap with aerodynamic tweaks and reintroducing refueling during races.

Moved to give his opinion on the decision to make the cars quicker, Alonso speculates that the proposal to raise the speed suggests the sport has been going in the 'wrong direction' until now.

"If the tests come back we will have similar rules to seven or eight years ago, which means the last four or five years we have been going in the wrong direction.

When asked whether he thought fans agreed with that sentiment, Alonso responded by saying 'I think the grandstand tells us'.

Indeed, Alonso says he doesn't feel as though he has been challenged 'physically and mentally' since his first title-winning season of 2005 when he raced with Renault.

"In 2005 the cars were eight seconds quicker. In Malaysia this year the engineers made a calculation that the winner this year compared to the winner in 2006 was six laps slower - so he would have been lapped six times.

"When you are six or seven minutes in a race, or eight seconds per lap quicker than this year's car that is very demanding physically and mentally and everything was pushed to the limit. This was maybe ten years ago."


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