Former FIA president Max Mosley has hit out at the scale of driver salaries in F1, labelling them as 'absurd'.

In the wake of the announcement that Lewis Hamilton has pledged his future to Mercedes for the next three years, speculation has suggested his deal is worth upwards of ?100 million over three years.

With Fernando Alonso also believed to be getting a pay increase in his deal to move from Ferrari to McLaren, Mosley believes drivers are simply worrying what they earn 'compared with the other guy'.

"It is absurd," he said in an interview with GQ Magazine. "If I was a dictator in the sport, each team would have the same money and you could spend more on the driver or less on the car or vice versa. All the driver worries about is what he earns compared with the other guy."

Last year saw driver salaries published with Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel listed as earning the most at 22 million euros each.