Sebastian Vettel says he enjoyed his charge up the order to fifth place in the Canadian Grand Prix after surviving more than one close call to once more demonstrate the Ferrari's race pace strength.

Starting down in 19th place by virtue of a dismal qualifying on the back of technical issues, before a penalty for overtaking under red flags in FP3 demoted him further, Vettel wasted little time on exercising the Ferrari's prowess as he quickly made headway.

Though he faced the occasional stubborn rival in Fernando Alonso - even making light contact when the Spaniard rebuffed him - and was very nearly collected by the spinning Nico Hulkenberg, Vettel nonetheless maximised his opportunities to finish a fine fifth.

Ending up just four seconds behind team-mate Kimi Raikkonen - who started third -, Vettel was happy to take a positive result from lowly origins.

"It was a fun race," he said. "Starting from the back is always more entertaining. We had a great time in the race, the pace just kept coming so as soon as we were in free air we could progress. I would have loved to have had a better opening lap but there were no real gaps to dive into, so I had to wait. I started to overtake cars after that."

Reflecting on his race moments with Hulkenberg and Alonso, Vettel shrugged off their significance.

"It was fairly clear [with Hulkenberg]. I was a lot quicker, I was arriving and I didn't stress that much to prepare the overtaking. When I got close enough I went around the outside, braking later and still managing to get the corner. I was clearly ahead and then I saw him opening the brakes into the last part of the chicane, so I reacted and jumped the second part because if I started on the track, we would have crashed.

"[With Alonso] In hindsight I should have been smarter. Obviously Fernando was not giving in one inch! The second time around I was a bit cleverer and benefitted from a better exit. I had a better radius and more speed on the way out. It was close, I touched him with my front-right wheel, but fortunately nothing happened."