Will Stevens says he had nowhere to go in his clash with Romain Grosjean during the Canadian Grand Prix, saying leading drivers need to take more responsibility when lapping traffic.

Grosjean was running sixth when he lapped Stevens and cut back across him into the braking zone for the final corner, the Lotus' left-rear making contact with the Manor's front-wing.

Dropping him to 11th, from which he battled back to 10th, Grosjean gave a candid view of the incident on the team radio at the time, but a five-second time penalty enforced by the FIA - which didn't affect his final position - would administer fault in his direction.

Indeed, having since seen the replay, Grosjean has held his hands up to the clash and accepted fault.

"It can be difficult with traffic here and I was held up a few times even when there were blue flags. I thought I was past the Manor, but it was soon clear that I wasn't. It was my fault entirely and I apologise for it. You never stop learning as a driver."

Reflecting on the clash, which forced him to change his front-wing, Stevens has urged drivers to take more responsibility when coming through lapped traffic.

"We are told to stay online and the guy coming past, it's their job to get by cleanly," he said. "I had let a load of cars past in that position because it is the best place to do it. I was completely on the white line on the left and he tried to come across on the racing line when I was there. There was absolutely nowhere I could go. I don't know what more I could have done and the fact he got a penalty proves there was nothing I could do.

"I totally understand, we get blue flags and we need to let the guys past and I feel like I am fair with it, so in return it would also be nice to be fair and give us a car's width room to turn into the corner because it ruins their race and our race.

"We give them respect because we have to let them past. If they can't come past cleanly, then we have a big problem."



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