Kimi Raikkonen says if he doesn't stay with Ferrari next season, then he will not be with any team.

Raikkonen was again quizzed on his contract negotiations with the Scuderia for 2016 ahead of this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix, and he again stressed that the decision is not his to make.

"I don't have anything to discuss, they have a contract and they have to sign it. It is as simple as that. It is not my decision. You have to ask the team. If I am not with Ferrari, I am not with any team, as simple as that," he replied.

"I think you guys are worrying about it more than me. I always said it is not the end of my life if I don't race next year, but obviously I want to be here and I feel that the team is definitely going in the right direction and doing the right things.

"I am sure in the future the team can be the team to beat, but obviously we have to still work and improve."

Meanwhile, when it was put to him if he would accept a new contract with a lower salary, an irked Raikkonen replied: "I heard something about it. Did you write it? I would be interested to know who writes it...

"It is bullshit nonsense that you guys come up with all the time. You keep writing that and it is fine with me. You have no idea what my contract says.

"I have a contract and they have to sign it, as simple as that. One of you, whoever writes it, is in here..."

When the journalist in question identified himself, Raikkonen continued: "Have you seen my contract? No? So you just come up with bullshit...

"You don't know the contract but you write stuff? So you write stuff that is not true? Maybe you should start writing things that make sense..."



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