Fernando Alonso says he is 'lucky' not to have caused harm to Kimi Raikkonen after their spectacular coming together on the opening lap of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Prompted by Raikkonen getting out of shape on the exit of the hairpin as he pulled away, the Ferrari would snap and lurch to the left into the path of the close-following Alonso, who piled into the side of his rival.

Riding up over the nose and getting caught as Raikkonen slid across the barrier, Alonso's McLaren would subsequently come to rest perched on top of the Ferrari and the Armco.

Despite the severity of the collision, both drivers walked away unhurt from the incident, but Alonso admits the nature of the crash meant it was lucky his car did not make contact with Raikkonen himself.

"I'm OK. I just went to the medical centre because it is mandatory under certain G-force. We had 34Gs on the impact, I think. It was a very unfortunate accident.

"I started well today and made a lot of places in turn one and two, then Kimi was with the prime tyre so his exit had a lot of wheelspin and we were all overtaking him left and right, then he lost the car to the left and I was on the left.

"We went both on the wall and I was lucky not to hit him in the head, because looking at the replay I was braking but my wheels were in the air, so I was close with him. Luckily we are both fine.

Indeed, Alonso described the incident as 'strange', saying Raikkonen seemed to lose control of the car in fifth gear.

"It was strange - wrong place [wrong time]. A strange incident, he lost the car in fifth gear, very low grip."



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