Kimi Raikkonen has shrugged off the severity of his dramatic collision with Fernando Alonso on the opening lap of the Austrian Grand Prix.

The Finn sparked the incident when he suffered 'not normal' wheelspin out of the second corner hairpin and snapped left, collecting the unfortunate Alonso in the process.

With the impact causing Alonso's McLaren to ride up over the Ferrari as they skated alongside the barrier, though both drivers were unhurt in the crash, replays showed how close Raikkonen came to being struck by Alonso's stricken car.

Despite this, Raikkonen - whilst acknowledging its danger - largely played down the incident, which Alonso says led to a 34G impact.

"I had wheelspin and suddenly went left," he said. "That's about it really. The wheels spun really aggressively there and I don't know what caused it, but the result is always the same.

"It's not normal but it happened, that's the way it is. The car didn't have any grip. It's dangerous, but racing is dangerous always. It must have been worse for the guy that was standing there and we must have come close to hit him."

His second retirement of the season, Raikkonen finds himself a distant fourth in the overall drivers' championship, 48 points behind Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel and just 10 points ahead of countryman Valtteri Bottas now.



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