Jenson Button says he is refusing to become disheartened by McLaren-Honda's woes, despite its dreadful Austrian Grand Prix weekend ending after just two laps at racing speed.

On a weekend that has seen both Button and Fernando Alonso endure a myriad of technical issues, enough to warrant 25 places worth of grid penalties, the Englishman withdrew from the race on lap nine - after just two laps at racing speed following a safety car - with yet more problems.

With Alonso's race ending before that in dramatic circumstances, the weekend arguably represents the nadir of McLaren's already challenging season so far.

"I don't know what's worse really, doing the whole race 30 seconds off the back of the field or stopping on lap two! It's a pity obviously reliability-wise. I don't think we've broken anything but there was something wrong so it could have gone that way.

"So that's the reason why we stopped. They were telling me to do switch changes and everything and then they called me in in the end because they hadn't made a difference.

"There are three people really that get interviewed over a race weekend, maybe four, and two of them are drivers. So it's important for us to really show we are giving it our all, which we are, and I think that showed at the start of the race. Obviously Fernando didn't want to crash but he's pushing hard, the same as I am. We give it our all, even when times are tough."



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