FIA President Jean Todt says he would be willing to accept calls to disband the Strategy Group in favour of determining the regulations alongside Bernie Ecclestone, but only if he felt it was right for the sport.

Formula 1 has come into criticism for its convoluted decision-making process, namely the Strategy Group, which allows teams, the FIA and FOM a say in the direction of the sport.

However, with teams struggling to agree on several measures due to various vested interests, some teams have called for the group to be scrapped, with Red Bull's Christian Horner suggesting the FIA and FOM take the reins in determining the regulations before 'challenging' the teams to sign up or quit.

It is an approach that Todt is wary of, saying that though he would be prepared to drop the Strategy Group in favour of a more authoritative approach to the regulations, he says he would expect teams to then air their grievances if the control was taken out of their hands.

"The Strategy Group is a kind of Strategy Group without any official rights, because the Strategy Group is making proposals and sometimes I am accused to be too democratic and listen to too many people," he told reporters including

"I am happy to listen to any kind of suggestions as long as they are constructive suggestions. Charlie Whiting has meetings with all the teams all the year through - with technical people, with sporting people and from there he comes back with a proposed agenda which we discuss at the Strategy Group

"They are making a big story about the Strategy Group. I have read that quite often that it should be FIA or FOM to decide. Again I am quite happy to sit with Bernie and to decide what could be good for the sport, but again we need to be sure that it is good for the sport.

"Believe me; those who claim that they should be involved and that it should be FIA and the commercial rights holder to decide, they will be the first to shout and saying 'they are not following the right governance [procedures]. They did not consult us'. So there is a way to do that.

Indeed, though Todt refuses to be drawn on his personal preference, he believes the calls to get rid of the Strategy Group is merely 'talking'.

"If they keep saying that it should be us to decide, then I should ask for an official mandate. I will have that in writing. So okay, if they want it, give us an official mandate and then we will see how they react. It is a lot of talking.

"Myself, I don't say it is good or bad, I am not a big talker, maybe a bit today. Normally I prefer to act and do things."



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