Kimi Raikkonen retained his typically taciturn attitude towards the news that he had been voted F1's favourite driver in the GPDA's much publicised fan survey, admitting he is unsure as to why he resonates with the public.

At a time when his future in the sport is seemingly under threat, the Finn nonetheless came out on top of the fan survey, beating McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button into second and third positions.

Having won a reputation for his 'cool' and 'aloof' attitude to F1 off the track, Raikkonen remained fittingly restrained when informed of his win.

"I think it's a good thing," he said, raising a brief smile. "I would rather take the fans than not having them. Maybe I was lucky that they were ones that answered the survey, but I'm happy to have fans and obviously that's a good thing."

Asked why he thought he has so many fans, Raikkonen simply deferred to question back, saying 'you'd have to go and ask them who voted, so...'

At least one driver wasn't surprised though, with Jenson Button musing that the result of the favourite driver was always a shoo-in...

"I don't think there are any massive surprises in there. Obviously Kimi being the favourite driver of the fans - we knew that anyway, didn't we?"

As it stands, however, it remains to be seen whether F1's most popular driver will still be in the sport next year as his seat with Ferrari is seemingly in jeopardy. Furthermore, he has already stated he won't race with another team, suggesting a second retirement from F1 would therefore be on the cards..



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