Kimi Raikkonen says it was his decision to take a punt on pitting earlier than most for intermediate tyres in the British Grand Prix, as he lost out on a potential top five challenge with an eighth place result.

In a race that saw Ferrari comfortably out-performed by Mercedes and Williams, Raikkonen spent the opening stint bottled up behind the fast-starting Nico Hulkenberg, but was circulating a fairly comfortable fifth ahead of Sebastian Vettel following the pit-stops.

However, the onset of rain would see Raikkonen endure a brief off-track moment, allowing Vettel to get through and prompting him to pit for intermediate rubber.

The rain, which had been localised over Luffield and Copse, eased though, Raikkonen forced to nurse the tyres on a predominantly dry circuit whilst waiting for the second forecasted shower to hit. Though it did come a few minutes later, the damage had been done and Raikkonen was forced to pit again in the closing laps and drop to eighth.

With Vettel going on to finish third after making the right pit calls, Raikkonen was nonetheless fairly unmoved by the result, which drops him to fifth in the standings behind Valtteri Bottas now.

"It changed quite a lot from lap to lap," he said. "Then turn 6/7, it got quite slippery and it was raining more and more and I decided to come in as I thought it would rain more, but it was four laps too early. It was the wrong choice, but we tried."

Indeed, Raikkonen says the car was performing well, despite the deficit pace to Mercedes and Williams, as well as the struggle to pass Hulkenberg's Force India initially.

"We were faster [than Hulkenberg] but we couldn't get past, then we stopped and it was fine. I was saving the tyres and when I started pushing the car was actually fine. The lap time was a bit missing for whatever reason, but the handling was as good as it could have been."


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