Lewis Hamilton has encouraged the proposal to shake up the Formula 1 race weekend format next season, even if he believes drivers should be consulted on any decisions being made.

As an outcome of the Strategy Group meeting in Biggin Hill last week, the FIA says 'exciting and innovative' ideas have been proposed to alter the format of a race weekend, with sources suggesting a second qualifying 'sprint' race on Saturdays are amongst the plans.

A topic of conversation over the British Grand Prix weekend, there were mixed opinions amongst many drivers, but when asked by Crash.net about his view on the prospect of change, the defending champion Hamilton says he is excited about a revised format.

"I'd be very happy for the weekend to change as its been the same weekend for nine years - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday the same," he said. "I'd be happy for them to muddle it up in some way and make it more exciting from weekend to weekend.

"I'd like to think about it [ideas] and I haven't thought about it, but I would say that this format has been the same for years."

Despite this, Hamilton admits he would like to be involved in the decision-making process, adding that though he is aware it would bring more opinions into play, it is a particular area he feels drivers should get to have their say on.

"I think it would be sensible for the board that have to make those decisions to sometimes consult the drivers. Naturally we all have different opinions but we are the only ones who know what it is like in the car. It's like working with the engineers... they'll come out with all the theoretical best ways of doing things but sometimes the gut feeling way of taking the decision is the best way.

"In the same way, some of [the decision makers] have never been, or don't know what it's like for us, in a car and don't know what our limitations are and they'll be making decisions on changes and never ask us. I think it would be positive for them as we'd like to help in any way we can."



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