Fernando Alonso feels the restrictions on testing and developments in Formula 1 is too tight and chokes the sport's rate of improvement to make it a better spectacle.

The two-time F1 world champion wants the rules to be relaxed to enable teams to run more testing so they can increase developments. The McLaren driver has singled out the strict regulations on engines and aerodynamics as an area where he thinks strong steps forward could be made if teams were given more freedom.

The Spaniard also feels the current pace of the F1 cars is too close to its main feeder series, GP2, and there needs to be more of a gap between the two.

At last weekend's British grand prix GP2 pole sitter Sergey Sirotkin's quickest lap was a 1m 39.949s which was just over half a second off the slowest F1 qualifying time - Manor-Marussia's Roberto Merhi who set a lap time of 1m 39.377s.

Discounting the back-marker Manors, Alonso's own qualifying time that put him 17th on the grid at Silverstone (1m 34.959s), was only 4.99s faster than the GP2 front runners and he feels the difference between to two needs widening.

"[We need] faster cars because now we are too close to GP2 times and more testing, free rules in terms of developing the car because now, as you put the car in the first test in the winter, more or less you keep the same position to the end of the year," Alonso said.

"You make progress, everyone makes progress, but because the rules are very strict you cannot develop very much in terms of engine freeze and the aerodynamic being very restricted, and that is making the races very predictable and very boring."