Jenson Button says it would be a shame to wait until 2017 before introducing a raft of regulations aimed at making the cars faster and more aggressive looking.

The McLaren driver has been a relative supporter of the current regulations, compared with the likes of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, insisting the cars are still thrilling to drive despite the increasing levels of cockpit complexity since his debut in 2000.

However, in the wake of new proposals being put in place to increase the spectacle of F1 with new race weekend formats and cars that will potentially look significantly different, Button - who is believed to be under pressure for his McLaren seat next season - says he would like to see it introduced straight away.

"I wish they were next year, instead of 2017, but I like the idea of making the cars lighter as they become more nimble, less lazy; more mechanical grip is always good for racing as it doesn't hurt overtaking. If you work with downforce it should come from the floor not the wings because you can race closer and you don't have as much dirty air from the big wings on the car. There are many things that can be done and many things that are being looked at for the future, which is great.

Indeed, Button says the sport should be wary of looking back on the perceived 'golden eras' of F1 to set an example for today's competition, saying there were criticism then too.

"A lot of the stuff being talked about already is good. There's always been criticism of F1 - I watched a grand prix from the '70s the other day and there was criticism about the sport even then, so... You've got to stay on top of it and it's good to have new ideas for the future of the sport."

Touching upon the proposed race weekend format changes, Button flatly rejects the suggestion there could be a 'sprint' race in 2016.

"I don't think that's going to happen. It's not worth commenting on because it's not going to happen"



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