Formula One hopeful Pascal Wehrlein believes he made the right decision in opting to compete in the DTM, with the support of his employer Mercedes, rather than going down the single seater route for 2015.

Wehrlein had been linked with a potential move to the GP2 Series towards the end of last year but decided to remain in the DTM, where he drives for HWA under the wing of Mercedes.

The 20-year old has been in alliance with Mercedes since taking part in the Euro F3 Series during the 2012 season before graduating to the DTM ranks with Mucke Motorsport in 2013.

Wehrlein said one of the main reasons in sticking with the DTM was that success in GP2 or World Series Renault doesn't necessarily guarantee a drive in F1 - a problem becoming more and more evident, season by season.

The German also added that managing to secure backing from a manufacturer, more often than not, proves to be the tipping point for any young drivers career potential.

"I think GP2 was never an opportunity for me because in F3 I was already supported by Mercedes and it was always my goal to drive for Mercedes," Wehrlein told

"After F3 I got the opportunity to drive DTM but you can also go Formula Renault or GP2 but it was never my goal. Today you have to have a manufacturer behind you who can support you.

"If you win GP2 or World Series Renault it doesn't mean you will drive in Formula 1 next season so you always have to have a manufacturer behind you and that has been the case with Mercedes and myself.

"I'm very happy with where I am at Mercedes because they count on me, they trust me and I trust them. It's a very good relationship. For us it was always clear, if I bring the results in DTM and show them good performances, I would get a chance in Formula 1 and that's what is happening."

Such has been his progression; Wehrlein has already landed a test and reserve driver role for the Mercedes F1 team and has impressed all the right people during his preliminary outings for the current world champions.

The German driver also tested for Force India but says no further appearances have been scheduled thus far due to the constraints of in-season F1 running.

"To be honest, at the moment there is no testing planned this year because of the limited running in Formula 1.

"So now I have to concentrate on DTM and do my best job in DTM and see what will happen next year. Definitely now my main priority is DTM and I will give everything to it."

Domestically, Wehrlein currently represents Mercedes' best hope of returning the DTM title to Stuttgart as the two-time race winner sits third in the championship race.

The last driver to make the direct step from DTM to F1 was Paul di Resta.



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