Kimi Raikkonen appears to have softened on his stance of 'Ferrari or nothing' and seemingly could now be open to continuing in Formula 1 with a different team in 2016.

Raikkonen has an option to remain with the Scuderia next season, but the team has yet to take it up, while Valtteri Bottas continues to be linked to his compatriot's seat.

Asked if it was still a case of Ferrari or nothing, in the build-up to this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix, Raikkonen replied: "Time will tell. I don't know what will happen, and so I have no point to start guessing what happens in the future.

"I would like to know but I don't know. So I will wait until I know and then we will see what happens after that."

Meanwhile, Raikkonen shrugged off if the uncertainty is putting him under extra pressure: "Somehow I end up every year in the same situation - it makes no difference if I have a contract or not. Obviously I have a contract, but it is an option now, but even in the past, it is not a new thing - it seems to happen every year in F1.

"I made it very clear to the team and many people what I would like to happen and that is to be here next year.

"But I don't know anything more than you guys. I don't read a lot of stuff, but I can see a lot of stuff being written. It doesn't really matter for me. I am pretty sure I will hear or will be one of the first to know rather than reading from the newspaper when something comes up. Like I said, time will tell.

"Until then I will try and do the same like before and even after, whatever the decision is, and then we go from there."

Earlier he had reiterated that the decision very much rests with Ferrari and that he is still in the dark about 2016: "You will have to talk to the team. It is not my decision. I don't know any more than I knew at the start of the year. For me the decision or the whole thing hasn't changed for months.

"If I knew I would say, but for sure I don't know. I said many times what I would like to happen, but who knows - time will tell.

"We will see... wait and see."



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