Nico Rosberg admits there is a possibility he could be losing time to Lewis Hamilton due to a difficulty in getting comfortable with his Mercedes' brakes.

The German, who is currently second in the standings behind team-mate Hamilton, has previously complained of a lack of feel from the brakes on his Mercedes, saying they can be inconsistent.

Ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Rosberg concedes there is frustration that there hasn't been 'much progress at all' in this area due to the lengthy process of developing new brakes.

"The feel has been variable - it is just personal feel," he said. "It is difficult because it is taking so long, we haven't had much progress at all. It is a complex matter. It takes six months to prepare discs and then, if they are right the right ones, it is another six months to race them. It is such a long process, so that is why it is taking ages. There is not any hope at the moment for a quick improvement."

When asked whether he feels this is having a detrimental effect on his performance in the car, Rosberg suggests it is a possibility.

"I don't like it. Is it losing me time? It depends. Something I don't like, for sure I would prefer it if they were different... I just have to get on with it."

By contrast, Hamilton insists there are no issues on his side of the garage, saying he enjoys the challenge brought on by fading brakes.

"He was perfectly fine on the brakes in the last race," he joked. "We don't have any problems on the brakes. Naturally you want to improve the brakes, particularly in these hot climates when the brakes begin to fade with the temperature. Because the temperature is so high, the initial bite drops off, but I enjoy that, it is a challenge."



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