Sebastian Vettel says "two or three things" were slowing Ferrari down on Friday in practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix, and while there is "a lot to go through and a lot to clean up", he reckons they should still be "okay" on Saturday.

Vettel was sixth in opening practice at the Hungaroring in the morning, 0.583s off team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen in third, and was then again slower in the afternoon, suffering two spins and slipping to seventh - 0.526s shy of the sister car.

"I think all in all it is correct we didn't have the best day," Vettel summarised. "I think there were two or three things that were slowing us down and costing us some time. I was stuck in the garage this morning, Kimi had a problem with the front wing, this afternoon we both couldn't run as much as we'd like. All in all I think there's a lot to go through and a lot to clean up, and then we should be okay tomorrow."

Asked how much more competitive he expects to be on Saturday, Vettel added: "We hope to do our best, obviously. It's difficult to say where it will put us. I think today is probably not the most representative day if you look at our performance but tomorrow I think we have the ability to do well.

"Right now obviously the emphasis is on making sure we clean up everything and we get a much better rhythm right from the start tomorrow morning."

Meanwhile, Vettel said he wasn't particularly surprised by the pace of his old team, Red Bull, which ended up 2-3 in FP2.

"I think it was a bit expected, but then again it's Friday, you never know what people are doing with their fuel loads. I think you could see at Silverstone they were doing a step forwards so we will see what is possible tomorrow

"I could change it by crossing the line before everyone else! It's as simple as that, but not so simple to do. Obviously today is Friday, we didn't have the best day trying to get in to the rhythm. It's a bit tricky but it's a part of the job and we need to sort things out for tomorrow," he underlined.



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