Daniil Kvyat expects to continue his recent run of decent results in the second half of the 2015 F1 season after admitting that it took him time to adjust to his move from Toro Rosso to Red Bull.

What appeared, at first glance, to be a fantastic career opportunity for the young Russian coincided with a slump in results for the four-time world champion team, hamstrung by a slow and unreliable Renault engine. Kvyat failed to even make the start of his RBR debut after his power unit let go on the way to the grid in Melbourne, and failed to better ninth in the next three races.

Fourth place in Monaco also appeared to be an anomaly as he followed that up with twelfth and sixth places, before Hungary provided the entire Red Bull operation with a morale boost courtesy of a double podium. While no-one is expecting the Milton Keynes to repeat that performance on a regular basis, Kvyat sees it as a sign of improvement.

"I think, obviously, the beginning of the season wasn't easy for many reasons, and there were a few problems here and there," he noted, "There were a few reliability issues, which we managed to sort out, and it started to go more in the right direction for me in the second half [of the first part] of the season. But it is never easy - there are a few things that I am still getting use to, trying to understand a few other things, but all-in-all it is going quite well."

Although unhappy with his personal qualifying performance in Budapest - where he lined up seventh compared to team-mate Daniel Ricciardo's fourth - Kvyat feels that he is beginning to show his true pace in the RB11.

"I think it is looking good for the future," he insisted, before shrugging off widespread concerns about looking after this year's Pirelli tyres, "Maybe people exaggerated this problem a little bit last year, but it is also the car characteristic of us from last year. I think, at the end of the year, I was already better and, this year, it wasn't looking too bad.

"It wasn't something I was highlighting for myself - it is not a main issue. I would run supersoft and soft everywhere to be honest!"

Heading into the three-week summer shutdown, Kvyat sits eighth in the overall standings, just one place and six points behind Ricciardo, and admits that he won't exactly be forgetting about F1, even if he gets away from the sport for a while.

"Obviously, it is a break and the break is the same for everybody, but some do it in one way and I will do it in my way," he pointed out, "I will try to get some rest but I will always keep thinking, even if some people say it is better not to think at all. Somehow you keep thinking a little bit about things, and try and analyse them. Sometimes, after the summer break, you can just come back and be another person, and I hope [that happens] in a positive way for myself."



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