Franz Tost says Renault has not made any further contact about potentially purchasing his Toro Rosso team, admitting the manufacturer's future movements will influence its own programme.

Tost publically put Toro Rosso forward as an option for potential takeover from Renault earlier in the season when it became clear the French firm was considering how to bolster its F1 involvement.

However, as it seems increasingly likely that Renault is making a swoop for Lotus, Tost admits that though Renault did indeed start initial talks, it hasn't been in contact since.

"I can only say what has happened in the last months in connection with Renault and Toro Rosso," he told the "Yes, they have visited us in Faenza and Bicester but in the last weeks it has been quiet, so I assume that they have decided to buy another team."

Though much of the potential fall-out from Renault's decision - which could yet include it leaving the sport altogether - has focused on Red Bull Racing, Toro Rosso also stands to be affected by the outcome.

Toro Rosso has competed with a different engine supply to its parent Red Bull Racing team in the past having run Ferrari engines between 2007 and 2013, but was brought under the Renault umbrella in 2014 in an effort to improve data sharing.

"We have to wait for Renault's move and announcement," Tost added. "Then we have to discuss a programme that fits the requests and needs of Toro Rosso."

Should an independent Renault remain exclusive with its engine, Toro Rosso would likely look towards Mercedes as a direct replacement for Lotus, though could face competition to do so from Red Bull too. Returning to the Ferrari fold is also an option, but it is potentially already supplying four teams with Haas' arrival and Manor's continuation.



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