Graeme Lowdon says Manor is turning its attentions to better preparing itself for the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship season, whilst maintaining a push to the end of this year.

Formerly known as Marussia, the team - now better known as Manor - was saved from the brink of collapse just two weeks before the start of the 2015 season, making it onto track with updated versions of its 2014 MR03 chassis with last year's Ferrari engine.

Since then, Manor has steadily introduced updates and announced new backers alongside an original plan to bring an all-new car to the grid before the year was out.

However, as F1 prepares for the second-half of the 2015 season, Manor chief executive officer Lowdon has hinted that it may now push this focus to introducing the car for 2016 instead.

"I think we're getting more established now, the team's getting more up to strength in terms of personnel, we're getting the premises, the new factory sorted out, so everything's moving in the right direction and I think once everyone draws breath after having a rest during the summer break, we'll push as hard as we can in the second half of this season but really have our eyes fixed on 2016.

Looking back on Manor's 2015 season so far, from the rush to get the cars out to Albert Park, to the introduction of new sponsors - including Airbnb and FlexBox -, Lowdon says the team has overcome many hurdles to get itself into a relatively comfortable position.

"We've had the strangest set of challenges that you can imagine, but I think what underlies everything is that we have got respect for this championship.

"We were ninth in the Formula One World Constructors' Championship last year, in no small part due to Jules' drive in Monaco, so we have a rightful place to be here but we have not had the benefit of being able to plan how we would correctly like to plan for the 2015 season.

"We think we're making the optimum decisions going forward."