Pirelli says it is looking into ideas to develop an additional compound for the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship season that would be used primarily on street circuits.

The firm came into criticism during the Monaco Grand Prix for the softest of the four dry weather compounds still being too hard for the high downforce circuit, with many struggling to get heat into the rubber in qualifying and the races.

With this in mind, Motorsport Director Paul Hembery says Pirelli is reacting to the feedback by looking into whether it can introduce a 'super-super' soft tyre for use on street-type circuits, namely Canada, Monaco and Singapore.

"We're still hoping to develop some ideas where we can address, certainly, the harder tyre, which is in need of a modification, and a product that can be used on the true street circuits," he said. "Maybe four circuits - Canada, Monaco, Singapore for example - where you need a much softer tyre than what we currently have with the supersoft."

Reflecting on the season thus far, Hembery says he is pleased and 'surprised' by the quality and durability of the tyres, even if he accepts this has perhaps not quite fulfilled the objectives it has been set by the FIA and the commercial rights holder.

"I have to say we're pleased - and a little bit surprised - at some of the results we've had. We've had such limitations on testing, or no testing, and we wanted to ensure that we had less tendency towards blistering and, perhaps, chunking, which we've certainly achieved.

"Having said that, with hindsight, we've probably been a little bit conservative on some of the choices so we're not hitting the target which we've always been asked to do, which is a two- or three-stop race, and that is something we hope to address for next season."


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