Pastor Maldonado has shrugged off suggestions that he was to blame for his untimely exit from the Belgian Grand Prix, even though an off at Eau Rouge potentially robbed Lotus of a valuable double points finish.

With team-mate Romain Grosjean going on to finish on the podium, having started behind the Venezuelan on the grid, Lotus was in perhaps the best form of its season so far, but Maldonado was listed as the race's first retirement after suffering a transmission failure on lap three.

The official line was that the driver - who had already suffered a heavy meeting with the barriers in FP1 - had caused the problem by going a long way off the road at Eau Rouge, but Maldonado insists that he was not to blame.

"I don't care," he shrugged, "It was a problem that happened to both cars, it is not a problem for the team or for me. There is a bump on the kerb, and I had been passing over there a few times over the weekend. It was a place where drivers were trying to explore the limit and nothing happened before that, so it is very difficult to [explain].

"I passed over the bump and, looking at pictures, Romain was following me and nothing happened to his car [when he did the same]. We were unlucky because this situation never happened before, but the car switched off on the bump, so it is very strange. Imagine the number of bumps we run over in the season and it never happened in the past. It was very unusual and we're unlucky that it happened."

Moving on to Monza, with Lotus still under a financial cloud amid rumours that Renault wishes to purchase a majority stake in the team, the mercurial Maldonado is keen to focus on the future.

"We are still trying to change a few things in the car to prevent this problem from happening again," he reported, "It was not the best for the team because we were in a very good position and good shape for the race but, now, we need to think about this race. We need to prepare better and do better this time."



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