Mercedes has announced both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will get use of a new, upgraded power unit for the Italian Grand Prix, with the manufacturer 'tactically' using all remaining development tokens in an effort to get a head-start on 2016.

The manufacturer began the season with just seven in-season development tokens available to it, but while rivals have used theirs with a view to improving their fortunes in 2015, the sheer strength of Mercedes' current power unit has allowed the German firm to keep them in hand until the latter half of the year.

As a result, Mercedes will receive the upgrade in time for the Italian Grand Prix, though both Hamilton and the team stress the move has been made primarily to help it learn more about fuel efficiency for 2016 and work on reliability.

"With the upgrade we have this weekend, it is mostly reliability and fuel efficiency," he said. "We are not here to make a huge step, we want to improve reliability so we can push the engine more. The guys have worked hard to have that engine here so we are positive about the change."


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