FOM has made it abundantly clear which parties it finds responsible for the tyre failures that afflicted the Belgian Grand Prix, with the commercial rights holder throwing its weight of support behind Pirelli and criticising teams for not adhering to its 'expert advice'.

Pirelli came under attack in the wake of the Spa-Francorchamps race after both Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg suffered tyre failures over the course of the weekend, with both drivers branding the issues 'unacceptable'.

However, subsequent investigations by Pirelli - which have been supported by both the FIA and FOM - have revealed that the tyre firm is absolved of fault, with the blame instead focusing on debris around a demanding circuit causing an unusual number of cuts, which in turn wasn't helped by Vettel's prolonged one-stop strategy.

In the wake of the findings, FOM has added its opinion to the outcome, putting its full support in Pirelli in a gushing statement that in turn pointed the finger of blame squarely at the teams for 'not heeding expert advice'.

"Pirelli has been a first class partner of Formula One during the five seasons in which it has been the Official Supplier of Tyres to the FIA Formula One World Championship and we continue to have full confidence in the safety, quality and suitability of its tyres.

"Within the constraints of safety considerations, which are always paramount, Formula One encourages Pirelli to provide tyre compounds with performance limitations because tyre degradation contributes to the challenge and entertainment of a Formula One race. When doing so, Pirelli provides strong guidance to competitors about any performance limitations of the tyres supplied. Competitors should heed Pirelli's expert advice when setting their race strategy and tactics, and if they do not, it is at their own risk.

"We are entirely satisfied that Pirelli was not at fault for any tyre-related incidents during the 2015 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix.

"Pirelli has offered to provide to each car a single set of tyres to last for an entire Event. While we know that they would be very capable of it, a race with no pit stops would be less exciting.

"Thank you, Pirelli, for helping us to deliver excitement to Formula One fans!"



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