Eric Boullier says McLaren may not be able to afford another season at the back of the grid from a financial perspective as it could make the team unattractive to big money sponsors.

Boullier feels McLaren's financial situation is a primary concern of chairman and CEO Ron Dennis and he would prefer to concentrate on the team's efforts on track, but says he is aware how strong an impact the F1 team's poor performance is having on the its financial situation.

McLaren has struggled since partnering up with Honda and its underwhelming power unit with rumours spreading that sponsors Johnnie Walker and Santander are set to pull out of deals at the end of the year.

The McLaren racing director says one season of poor results won't affect his team too badly but has serious concerns if it were to drag on into 2016.

"If I can give you a short answer, I am sure the brand has not been damaged yet as there is such a strong record from McLaren over many, many years," Boullier said. "I don't think there is direct damage in terms of brand itself but, in terms of sales and revenue, we can't finish in the same position or there will be a direct loss in terms of revenue.

"This is a business-driven sport and if you can't bring and find new sponsors there is obviously a damage. You can't quantify it in millions but it will be more difficult to bring more sponsors in if you don't show that you are a team on the move and get in the points quickly."

McLaren drivers' Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso have only been able to rack up 17 championship points between them so far this season, eight points adrift of eighth place Sauber in the constructors' championship, with the team's best result coming in the shape of Alonso's fifth in Hungary.



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