Jenson Button says the discussions over safety in motorsport should not be limited to just Formula 1, saying more needs to be done to address incidents and injuries in lower formulae too.

The death of Jules Bianchi and Justin Wilson in recent months as a result of accidents during high-profile races has sparked the debate over safety in motorsport, specifically the increasing desire from drivers for canopies or closed cockpits to be introduced.

With Button declaring he has changed his view on the issue of closed cockpits in the wake of Wilson's death during an IndyCar Series race at Pocono last month, he says the push for solutions should not be centred on F1 primarily, but in motorsport as a whole.

Indeed, though Button acknowledges the advances made in motorsport over the years, he says the 'terrible accidents' seen in lower formulae involving less experienced drivers makes the issue more pertinent.

"In Formula One we do as much as we can to keep everything in contact with the car when you have an incident, so in terms of a Formula One car not that much falls off a Formula One car when you crash, it's still connected through tethers. I don't know if that is the case in other formulae around the world.

"Obviously the incident in Suzuka last year [Bianchi] is an incident which should never happen and will never happen again, I don't think in higher levels of motorsport. To be fair I have seen three incidents since in lower formulae that have been exactly the same; they've been very lucky to get away with it, crashing in to cars on the circuit or pick-up trucks.

"So it seems that not just in Formula One but lower formulae need to learn from the terrible accidents that we've had, it doesn't seem to be filtering down well enough and that's something that needs to be addressed in lower formulae."


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