Christian Horner says that while he would like to see Monza retained on the Formula 1 calendar, he understands why Bernie Ecclestone has not shown more leniency towards it for fear of setting a precedent to other events.

The Italian Grand Prix at Monza - one of the longest-serving venues on the F1 calendar - remains very much under threat as Ecclestone struggles to come to an agreement with event organisers over a new contract.

With negotiations stalling over the race hosting fee, which Ecclestone has publically acknowledged he isn't willing to lower, the F1 supremo has come into criticism from figures in the F1 paddock for allowing the axe to swing, with Sebastian Vettel airing his particular disdain over the threat for what he described as 's****y money reasons'.

Red Bull Racing boss Horner, however, says that Ecclestone's hard-line attitude towards it is part of the reason why F1 has been successful over the years, suggesting that a soft touch on Monza will potentially have ramifications down the line.

"You know Bernie, he's the most ruthless negotiator in the paddock, which is why he's done such a great job for Formula One. And the problem is if he lowers the barrier for one circuit then I guess he's going to have all the others banging on his door as well.

"He has to maintain a position and as we all know with Bernie he doesn't mess around with threats - he doesn't make a threat unless he's prepared to carry it out.

"Monza's a great circuit. It's part of the heritage of Formula One - everybody loves coming here. Of course it's got to be financially viable. Hopefully a deal can be done that it does stay on the calendar, because it is part of the heritage, it's part of the history, you can see the passion of the fans and it's a great way to finish the European season."



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