Sebastian Vettel has joked that he hopes a track invader during the Singapore Grand Prix 'got a good photo' after his presence almost turned the race on its head, while Daniel Ricciardo says the incident potentially cost him a shot at victory.

The safety car was scrambled for the second time on lap 36 of 61 when it emerged a person had gotten onto the circuit and was seen walking along the barrier in sector ten.

Having watched the man running across the track, he added that he thought he saw him even take a photo as he went across. Joking that he hopes he managed to get one of the photos in focus, Vettel nonetheless described the incident as 'crazy'.

"I had to look again because I wasn't sure whether I had a problem with my eye sight, but I saw somebody crossing the track and I went on the radio and said: "Some guy is running across the track". I think I saw him taking a photo - I hope it was a good one and at least in focus.

"Pretty crazy," he continued. "We approach that corner at around 80-90 clicks. So I wouldn't cross the track if I was him. It was crazy and obviously we had the safety car straight away.

"I don't know maybe next year we need to block the grandstands a bit better. Fortunately nothing happened to us and nothing happened to him as far as I know."

Ricciardo was similarly unimpressed by the incident, speculating that the invader, who climbed over the barrier again by himself, hampered his chances of going for the win as it again forced teams to amend their strategies by pitting under the safety car.

"Thanks to the guy on the track - appreciate it! Tempted to swerve, couldn't, but anyway... that was that."



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