Lewis Hamilton's retirement from the Singapore Grand Prix was caused a metal clamp 'jumping off' and causing a boost leak, an incident described as 'freak' by Toto Wolff.

Hamilton ran into problems on lap 23 when he reported a loss of power, losing him more than ten seconds per lap before he was eventually called into the pits to retire on lap 32.

Marking Hamilton's first retirement since the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix - and his first as a direct consequence of technical issues since the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix -, investigations later revealed that a broken metal clamp had the consequence of damaging the car's boost.

"We had a very minor bit - a metal clamp - that broke and had a massive effect. The clamp was holding the plenum together and when it jumped off it caused boost leak. It was a freak thing. We have run the design for a long time and it was a typical metal clamp and it just broke."

A dismal end to an unsatisfactory weekend for the Mercedes team, Wolff confirmed the incident has caused no lasting damage to Hamilton's third engine.



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