Daniel Ricciardo remains confident that Red Bull Racing will 'get what it's after' as it continues negotiations with Ferrari about an engine supply for 2016, saying he isn't yet concerning himself with the prospect of the team quitting F1.

On the back of his best result of the season in Singapore, Ricciardo faces a relatively uncertain future as power unit discussions between Red Bull and Ferrari continue on against the backdrop of speculation the team will leave F1 if it cannot get the deal it wants.

Indeed, the agreement seemingly hinges on whether Red Bull can land 'parity' in terms of developments and updates, a status Ferrari may be less willing to accept given the team's upturn in performance around the chassis-compliant Singapore street circuit.

From Ricciardo's perspective though there is relatively little concern, saying he is gleaning confidence from Christian Horner and Helmut Marko that the situation will be resolved, even if he hasn't approach Dietrich Mateschitz as yet.

"I am too young to have a year off, but right now I am not concerned - more curious to see what happens basically. It is still only September, so sure the sooner we get an answer the better don't get me wrong, but we are not in November or December yet.

"When you start getting towards that part of the year, then you have got to really decide what is going to happen, but it is still early. I am confident we will get what we are after. Curious to see how it unfolds.

"I have spoken to Helmut and Christian. I haven't broken Dietrich's balls yet. I am sure he has got a lot on his plate. I will let him do what he needs to

"Christian and Helmut are confident we will figure it out one way or another. Obviously it is in our interests to try and get the best [power unit]. We want to win as well, so that is what we are trying to get.

"If it gets later in the year and still nothing has come, then yeah, maybe I will make a little bit of noise. But honestly I don't think it will get to that."



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