Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda have expressed their frustration that its 1-2 finish in the Japanese Grand Prix was barely documented in favour of TV coverage of cars further down the order.

Lewis Hamilton marched to his eighth win of the season at Suzuka, with Mercedes team-mate and title rival Nico Rosberg recovering from a poor start to complete a 1-2 for the 'Silver Arrows'.

However, in a race largely devoid of significant action, Wolff took exception to the scant coverage given to its dominant race winner.

Indeed, when it was pointed out that there was no coverage to show Sebastian Vettel getting to within a second of Rosberg in the closing stages, though Wolff admits there were some entertaining battles down the field, he was perplexed by the absence of Mercedes in the coverage.

"I wasn't sure during the race where we were, I needed to look on the timing screens because you couldn't see the cars on track," he said. "Our first priority is to win the race and if there is not enough then this is beyond my control.

"Spectacular TV pictures are important and some of the shots were spectacular, there was some good fighting midfield and that is what the camera was on.

"[But] Did you see any mechanics? Did you see any garages? Don't quote me on that... that is somehow just a strange way of directing a race and I can't imagine this is done with a strategy because it would be clearly misrepresenting what is happening on track."

It was a view shared with Lauda, who says he will be discussing the omission with Ecclestone when he next sees him.

"I was watching TV and I saw Saubers and a lot of Honda cars, but I don't know why... someone must do the filming here to ask what's wrong with it.

"I have to ask Bernie what is the reason. Ask a question, you get an answer. I can't say much but it was funny today that even the pit-stop of Lewis the leader, you only saw him driving out, didn't even see him change the wheels... it was interesting."


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