The FIA World Motor Sport Council has approved the introduction of a separate exhaust tailpipe for F1 cars next season in an effort to increase the noise and atmosphere.

Formula 1 has come in for criticism for the relatively muted noise of the V6 Hybrid power units, with Bernie Ecclestone in particular airing his dissatisfaction with the resultant product of the new generation engines.

Engineers have tested several techniques in an effort to amplify the sound of the cars - including the testing of a 'trumpet' in 2014 -, but a solution has been sought with the introduction of a separate 'exhaust wastegate tailpipe', which will have the effect of increasing the sound without diminishing emission returns.

"For 2016, all cars must have a separate exhaust wastegate tailpipe through which all and only wastegate exhaust gases must pass," the WMSC statement reads.

"This measure has been undertaken to increase the noise of the cars and will not have any significant effect on power or emissions."



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