Jenson Button says it is unlikely the FIA will be able to 'level the playing field' between the current generation V6 Hybrid power units and the standardised twin-turbo engines being proposed by the FIA and FOM for 2017.

Earlier this week, the FIA announced it is putting out a tender to develop a new, 'simpler' specification engine designed to be offered at a lower cost for smaller cash-strapped teams.

The initiative has been launched after Ferrari vetoed plans to cap the price of the current power units, prompting an alternative cost-saving measure.

However, the proposal has unsurprisingly been met with disapproval from engine manufacturers, who feel it negates the funding and effort they put in develop the power units to the original framework as determined by the FIA and FOM.

Indeed, though Button admits a cheaper engine option is worthwhile if it ensures the survival of certain teams, he sympathises with the engine manufacturers' concerns.

"If it helps smaller teams come in to the sport then I think it's probably a good thing, but it's always very difficult for a manufacturer like Mercedes, Ferrari or Honda because they've put so much effort in to this power unit which is so complex.

"As you can see this year it's difficult for us and it takes time to make it competitive. So to suddenly have an engine that people can just bolt in which is competitive is very, very difficult.

Furthermore, Button is sceptical that ensuring a level playing field between two different concepts would be 'nearly impossible' to achieve.

"I don't know how they're going to level up the playing field. Do they make it as powerful as the least powerful 1.6-litre or make it as powerful as the most powerful 1.6-litre? How do you judge that?

"Also the compressor size and what's the deployment at 160kw, they're all different sizes up and down the grid so how do you judge that? It's complicated enough already and adding another engine to try and level the playing field between those two engines is nearly impossible I think."



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