Jean Todt says he is confident the FIA can ensure the proposed twin-turbo customer engine can be brought into line with the V6 Hybrid power units should they be introduced from 2017.

The FIA and FOM have together launched a tender for a manufacturer to develop an engine that can be offered at a significantly lower cost than that of the current generation V6 power units, a move that has irked the current engine manufacturers Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda.

Set to run to a different, much simpler specification, the proposal has been met with caution from neutral observers, with McLaren's Jenson Button saying earlier this weekend that he doesn't believe it will be possible to ensure a parity of performance between the two powerplants.

It is a view held by Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff, who believes parity will be tricky to implement, thus risking the potential for a two tier series or disagreement on both sides over whether one has an unfair advantage.

"I personally am not very keen on because I believe introducing a balance of performance in Formula One is something which is going to be very tricky to implement in the rules to get it right," he said.

However, Todt says he has been assured by engineers that it is possible to ensure the balance of performance will be achieved, ensuring the new engine can be competitive.

"I am not an engineer, but I am surrounded by good engineers. We are optimistic that we can propose one engine that will be much cheaper -- around EUR6-7 million -- which will allow to have a competitive car.

"We will make sure that it is the right balance of performance and we know that we can achieve that. In the World Endurance Championship we have achieved a balance of performance. You have three manufacturers who are competing with three different engines - one with a turbocharged engine, the other one with the diesel engine and another with the hybrid engine - so it can work."


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