Sebastian Vettel says the stewards made the right call to regard his and Daniel Ricciardo's clash at the start of the Mexican Grand Prix as a racing incident, even if it left him with a puncture.

The German was tagged by his former Red Bull team-mate entering the first turn, leaving the Ferrari with a puncture. Though he raced on, a spin and an eventual crash would consign him to his first DNF of the 2015 season.

Though initially upset to learn Riccardo hadn't been penalised for the contact, though Vettel was frustrated with the outcome, he accepts the Australian didn't deserve a punishment.

"I've seen the accident at the start on TV. Initially I was pretty angry because I had a puncture and the race was lost, but having seen it, given it was the start of the race I think it was correct not to take any action. I don't think Daniel had anywhere to good, but, equally, he was trying but there was no gap there.

"It's a difficult judgement to make, I saw him at the last second and moved over to give him more room but it was too late, as he was too quick for the line he was trying to take.

"We touched, but you cannot give anyone a penalty for something like that because no one does that on purpose. I'm not blaming him but it was a shame for us.


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