Nico Rosberg has diffused Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton's claim that it was impossible to pass for the lead of the Brazilian Grand Prix by pointing out that he was the faster man on the day.

Rosberg had qualified fastest on Saturday to claim his fifth straight pole position and, having fended off Hamilton's initial attack into the first corner, appeared to have the edge over the world champion as he led from lights to flag. Hamilton closed in briefly around lap 16 but, thereafter, was kept on the fringes of the DRS range.

"I love this track, it's such a great circuit, but unfortunately it's so difficult to overtake," the Briton lamented, "You get to within a second and you just lose downforce and there's no way you can get any closer. And the DRS zone is kind of maybe not long enough, if that was to be the thing to make the difference, it's almost not long enough.

"Something's got to change because, some races, you can follow, which enables you to have some good racing - obviously places like Austin, which was the last decent race, but otherwise there are some places it's just... I guess for fans it's probably not too exciting to watch."

While third-placed Sebastian Vettel insisted that Interlagos was, in his opinion, 'one of the easiest tracks to overtake on', Rosberg delivered a more cutting riposte as he celebrated back-to-back victories at a circuit where Hamilton has yet to see the chequered flag first.

"We always need to keep improving the sport," the German admitted, "I don't know how the battles were further back but, up front, I had the pace advantage over Lewis today so, of course, he's not going to come by me. At the end of the race, I was six seconds in front, so it's normal he's not going to pass me in that case.

"Behind us, I don't know how it's going but, of course, it's always difficult in F1 to pass - that's why DRS has come onboard and that's really made a lot of progress for us. We've seen a lot of excitement because of that, but we need to keep working at it for sure, and keep thinking about it."



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