Sergio Perez has admitted that he would like to see F1 step back in time next season, and bring back the sort of aggressive tyre tendencies he enjoyed while racing with Sauber.

The Mexican made his name with the Swiss team, massaging its Pirellis to achieve unexpected results including three podiums - in Malaysia, Canada and Italy - in his second year in the top flight. Like many of his rivals, Perez feels that this year's F1 tyres have take a big step towards becoming too conservative, turning a lot of races into one-stop affairs that did little to engender strategy or surprises.

Although he again guided an unfancied car to the top three, claiming third in Sochi for Force India, the former GP2 frontrunner would like to see Pirelli throw a little spice into the mix for next season.

"Definitely, they need to be more aggressive with the tyres," he claimed, "We want to see more show and have more play with the strategy. I am definitely in favour of that. If it works well for me, that is another point, but I think everyone wants to see more action during the race. By going softer with the compounds, that will help."

Speaking in Brazil recently, Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery suggested that Perez and his peers may get their wish.

"We'd love to bring back a proper 'cliff', if we can engineer that in," he revealed, "I don't know if we can get enough opportunity to get a solution that works perfectly during the Abu Dhabi test, but the ideal situation would be to get the 'cliff' back so that we could get back to two or three stops rather than pushing the stint lengths as has been the tendency for the past two years.

"What we're [also] trying to do is achieve a tyre for street circuits because, at the moment, we know that they tend to be one-stop races so, hopefully, bringing an extreme soft tyre will allow us to get up to at least two pit-stops. You're going to see that at Singapore, Monaco and we'll maybe even think about taking it to Melbourne -that's a possibility as well."



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