Pastor Maldonado was left to rue a frustrating end to the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship season after being taken out at the first corner of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix by Fernando Alonso, an incident that left him disgruntled.

The Venezuelan was targeting another points' finish to conclude his most lucrative season of the year in terms of top ten finishes, but only got as far as the first corner when he was struck by an errant Alonso

With the collision - for which Alonso was handed a drive-through penalty - breaking the suspension on his Lotus, Maldonado was forced to stop, a premature end that he feels scuppered the chance of a top ten challenge.

"It's sad to end the race in the first corner because we were looking good for the race," he said. "In qualifying we tend to miss a few tenths and then come strong in the race and show that we have top ten pace. We had a good strategy to go with the pace, but anyway this is racing and it can happen."

Indeed, Maldonado - who has been frequently criticised for his tendency to get involved in on-track scrapes -, feels the clash would have been 'bigger news' had it been him colliding with Alonso.

"To be honest, I didn't see the contact I just felt it in the back of the car from Fernando," he said. "I tried to restart but then I saw the suspension damage. Imagine if it that incident had been the other way round, it would've been big news then!"



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