Pirelli could get up to 12 days of testing over the course of the 2016 season following amendments to the sporting regulations put in place by the FIA.

The tyre manufacturer, which in October secured an extension to supply tyres in F1 until 2019, has been campaigning for more days of in-season testing, particularly ahead of the 2017 change in technical regulations which are looking to increase the speed and spectacle of the cars.

Indeed, with a substantial amount of a forecast 'five second per lap' gain set to come from the tyres, Pirelli had threatened to leave F1 if it couldn't be given more time to test tyres in 2016.

The FIA has now confirmed it holds the right to arrange up to 12 days of testing - six tests over two days - in 2016 with the 'sole purpose' of testing tyres.

"In consultation with the teams and the appointed tyre supplier, the FIA reserves the right to organise up to six two day tests for the sole purpose of providing the Supplier with the chance to test improvements to the design of their tyres."

Pirelli has repeatedly expressed a desire to increase its testing time, with the FIA allowing it to arrange a 12 hour test at Abu Dhabi following the season finale at Yas Marina, while it will also hold a wet tyre test at Paul Ricard in Janaury.

The sporting regulations also laid out the selection process for the 'free choice' in tyres, saying the compounds must be chosen between eight and 14 weeks before an event, just a week after the FIA informs them of the compounds available.

"Competitors must then inform the FIA, no less than eight weeks before the start of each Event held in Europe and fourteen weeks before the start of each Event held outside Europe, which specifications of dry-weather tyres they wish to use for each of their drivers at the Event. From the thirteen sets of dry-weather tyres available to each driver."



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