Jenson Button has emphasised that each area of the McLaren package needs big improvements for the 2016 season as he refused to focus entire criticism towards the Honda power unit.

On the back of McLaren's worst F1 season since 1980, Honda has borne the brunt of the criticism for the disappointing year with its underpowered and unreliable power unit, with both Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button regularly airing their frustrations.

However, the Englishman says the McLaren is a 'package' that needs improvements across the board to bring it up to speed, suggesting that simply focusing on the power unit wouldn't be enough.

"We could try pushing it around, but it comes as a package," he said. "That is what teams are all about. I am not going to comment on one part of the car. We are here as a team and today the best we could do was 12th. Hopefully next year we are much further up the grid and the package as a whole has improved.

"I think we all know we need to improve with the ICE and we need to improve with the deployment, but we also need to improve the car. The car is not the quickest car on the grid.

"There is a lot of work needed if we want to be fighting at the front, every area of this car - aerodynamics, the mechanicals of the car - there are so many areas that we think we need to improve."



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