Pirelli has revealed which three compounds it will be making available for teams ahead of 2016 Formula 1 World Championship season opener, the Australian Grand Prix.

New for 2016, teams will be able to choose between three compounds for a race weekend in an effort to give it more flexibility over strategies. Of the 13 seats being made available over the course of a race weekend, Pirelli will choose two for the race, one of which must be used during the race.

As part of the tweaks, Pirelli is making its tyre selections known 15 weeks before an overseas F1 event, leaving teams with just one week with which to make their selections. This reduces to nine weeks for European events.

For the Australian Grand Prix - which takes place at Albet Park on 20th March -, Pirelli have selected the following compounds.

- P Zero White medium
- P Zero Yellow soft
- P Zero Red supersoft

Each driver must have both these sets available for the race, and must use at least one of them.

These are the tyres that Pirelli has said must be used at some point in the race:
- One set of P Zero White medium
- One set of P Zero Yellow soft.

Following on from the 2016 regulations, each driver must save one set of the softest of the three nominated compounds for Q3. This set will be given back to Pirelli after Q3 for those who qualify in the top 10, but the remaining drivers will keep it for the race - as is the case currently.

These are the tyres assigned for Q3 in qualifying:
- One set of P Zero Red supersoft