Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has said the way Daniel Ricciardo handled not having a winning car this season was commendable.

Ricciardo won three races with Red Bull in 2014, and took eight podiums in total, en-route to finishing third in the Drivers' Championship. However, this year, he only graced the podium twice, slipping to eighth in the standings.

Reflecting on the year, Horner added the way Ricciardo and team-mate Daniil Kvyat performed was "excellent", especially given the teams struggles on track - as well as all the uncertainty away from it.

"I think he [Ricciardo] handled it extremely well [not having a winning car], neither driver [Ricciardo or Kvyat] let their chin drop," Horner said.

"The way that they have worked as a pairing this year and the way that they have worked for the team has been excellent - and the way they have worked together. Both have done an excellent job for the team this year."

Meanwhile, Horner noted that the predictability this season has been a problem and he maintained it was different to when Red Bull was at its peak during 2010-2013.

"I think predictable and serial results and serial winning is difficult for any sport. We were accused of it, but we never enjoyed the continuation of success or longevity of success, two of our World Championships went to the last race and we never ever finished first and second in a World Championship," he pointed out.

"I think inevitably with that kind of predictability people get turned off and it needs a re-gig to bring it closer together. I don't think anyone wants to see Fernando Alonso just taking part. We want to see him competing. We want to see Daniel competing. We want to see Sebastian Vettel competing against Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

"The teams will never achieve that [through rules changes] because there is far too much self-interest and you can't expect the teams to achieve that.

"That is for the regulator and the governing body to come up with better rules that achieve those objectives," he concluded.



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